COVID-19 Updates


To Our Suntex Family:

In these uncertain times, we wanted to reach out to you about what we are doing here at Suntex Marinas to support you and our employees.  As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to evolve, we want to let you know that Suntex Marinas is doing everything we can to ensure your safety and provide flexibility.

As it has always been, the safety and security of our guests and employees remains our highest priority.  We pride ourselves in the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.  Like many companies, we have taken additional measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols are even more rigorous:

– We have increased the frequency of cleaning our public areas of the marinas.
– We have increased the deployment of antibacterial hand sanitizers.
– We are in regular communication with upland tenants to ensure they are focused on the same level of cleanliness and attention to this matter as we are.
– We will continue to monitor and make adjustment as updated information is available from the CDC and WHO.

We understand this situation is challenging, not only for our Suntex Family, but for every community and business around the world.  We recognize the importance of our increased commitment to proactive and preventative action so that our Marinas remain open to you as a safe space.  We are prepared to navigate these challenging circumstances and have an ongoing team to guide Suntex Marinas actions to this evolving issue and we are committed to you. Most important is that we are not taking these steps out of fear, but out of precaution. We understand that exposure to the COVID-19 virus will be limited in the short term and that for the vast majority there will be little to no health impact.

Part of this is actively monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and as stated above, continually and swiftly taking immediate steps as advised by the CDC, WHO and local US Health officials to support keeping our marinas safe and clean for you, our employees and the communities.

We take pride in our clean and well-run marinas and we know this is more important than ever now.  In addition to our daily cleaning procedures, our teams have been provided an even more robust daily checklist placing extra attention on heavily trafficked areas and frequently touched surfaces.

We continue to provide our employees with health and safety tips as advised by the CDC, including washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds; avoiding touching of the face and advising all employees to stay home if not feeling well.

Thank you for being such an important part of the Suntex Family!




Johnny Powers

Founding Principal and CEO