Investor Relations

At Suntex Marinas, new acquisition  opportunities are always on our horizon.  With decades of well-established, ongoing  successes in the shepherding of existing freshwater and saltwater properties into world-class marinas, we’ve learned what separates the best from the rest.

Investing in meticulously selected operating platforms that complement and add value to our portfolio, we are managed by industry veterans. Always striving toward success by prioritizing our customers, our employees and our investors, managing relationships is where we excel.

One of the largest marina companies in the United States, Suntex Marinas manages the Suntex Ventures portfolio,constantly enhancing the customer experience at our premier destination marinas.

With superior customer service, experienced marina managers and staff, conscientious contributions to marina communities, organized administration and accounting, Suntex brings a comprehensive and genuine enthusiasm for creating memorable experiences on the water.

Managing the development and construction of every marina and marina-related asset in the Suntex Marinas portfolio, the Suntex construction and design team can design and build the world-class spaces they envision, creating unique destinations for the world’s most impressive yachts and for the average weekend boater alike.