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Suntex team members understand the value of every guest’s experience at our facilities. In fact, we consider it paramount. Friendly, engaging, well-trained and attentive, each team member brings a specific skill-set that contributes to our collective success. Interested in joining us?

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Introducing the Suntex Marinas Team

Among fellow investors, transaction partners, employees and customers, our strong reputation is based on a proven track record of trust, reliability and success, but there’s more to it than that. At Suntex, our unique team of experienced professionals extends the same commitment to the communities we serve, conducting our businesses with integrity, every step of the way.


Our Commitment to Service Extends Beyond Our Marinas.

There’s more to this than superior customer service, highly skilled and experienced managers and staff, and a passionate enthusiasm for creating memorable experiences on the water for our guests. Being responsible stewards of the communities we serve and giving back are priorities.

Corporate Responsibility

Our Core Values

At Suntex, our core values are central to our success, and they inform our company culture and the way we do business every single day. Our values instruct our vision for the company, and enable us to exceed our guests’ expectations.

Our Core Values