Corporate Responsibility

At Suntex Marinas, we equate corporate  responsibility with social responsibility, and for us, social responsibility begins with establishing and maintaining strong ties to the communities we serve.

Guided by the core principles of conscious capitalism, the Suntex team is always focused on stakeholders—not just shareholders. Our guests, team members and service providers are motivated by a genuine passion for the outdoor environments they share and enjoy.

With a strong desire to contribute to the betterment of the regions where we do business, we actively pursue helpful ways to give back. Our steadfast determination to be responsible stewards of sustainable, inclusive and conscientious communities remains unchanged amid our ongoing, often rapid growth.

One example is the nationwide campaign for our primary beneficiary, the Folds of Honor foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, whose mission, providing educational scholarships to the children and spouses of those killed or disabled while serving our great nation, we are proudto support.

Established on July 4, 2012, our partnership with Folds of Honor corresponds with our annual kick-off weekend for Patriot Boating Days, a related initiative encouragingpatriotic lovers of watersports to help further the Foldsof Honor mission.

Every year in July, Patriot Boating Days encourages marinas, manufacturers, boat dealers, retailers and anyone participating in boating to make charitable contributions.

Suntex Marinas is a proud partner of the Folds of Honor Foundation. This organization helps families of our military heroes who were injured or lost their life while serving our country by providing educational scholoarships to these families. Suntex is constantly holding events to raise funds for the Folds of Honor, and our marinas are always proud to hold donation and fundraising events.

You can view our Folds of Honor events here, and see some photos of our past events here! Check out our marinas to learn how we help.