Danny Oncina

Director, Marketing

Danny Oncina, Director of Marketing, powers our strategic marketing department with an unmistakable zeal for turning data into distinctively fortified ROI. His experience spans across the broad digital spectrum, from concept to post deployment optimization – and everything in between. However, it is his natural ability to explain and distill even the most complicated analysis and technology into clear, relatable terms that makes Danny a priceless asset to the organization.

Prior to joining Suntex Marinas, Danny has driven conversion optimization, SEO, PPC, display media, programmatic, retargeting, site analytics, A/B testing, responsive web design, UX optimization, information architecture, email marketing, social media, mobile app development for the last 15 years. He has been a key stakeholder in the development of multiple SaaS applications, has contributed to big data and has worked on the agency-side of things for all of his career before moving client-side. He will ask you three questions – How do users find you? How do you turn them into customers? How do you turn them into advocates?

Danny graduated from the University of Texas in Dallas with a B.S., Management Information Systems; Business Intelligence & Analytics. Aside from technology and data, Danny enjoys everything outdoors and coaches his daughter’s soccer team.

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